About us

Prakriti Foods & Packaging committed to providing highest quality water and food beverages in India

Prakriti Mineral Water is a premium packaged drinking water company based in Baikampady Industrial Area, Mangalore, Karnataka. Prakriti Foods & Packaging provides range of packaged mineral water in 250ml, 500ml, 1Litre, 2Litre bottle and 20Litre jar. Every bottle of water is put through a rigorous multistage purification process which includes micron filtration and ionization process.

Prakriti Foods & Packaging factory was inaugurated on 14th May, 2018 at 31-b, 1st Floor, Shed No 3, Baikampady Industrial Area in Mangalore. The company operates FSSI certified factory with certification number 11218312000341. The company distributes its packaged drinking water to distributors in Karnataka State and Kerala State.


Prakriti Foods & Packaging was started by Mr. Shashidhar Bhat & Mr. Praveen Kumar in Mangalore, Karnataka. Mr. Shashidhar Bhat and Mr. Praveen Kumar both are entrepreneurs and industrialist based in Mangalore. Mr. Praveen Kumar also owns and operates Kasthuri Home foods and Gaurav Paper Products company in Baikampady.

Our Values


We use state of the art production line in making premium packaged drinking water with highest standard of the quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Trust & Competency

We use manufacture packaged drinking water in FSSI certified factory in cleanroom using state of the art water bottle production equipment. With standard tests and quality checks, we ensure quality in every bottle of water.

Customer Support

We provide full customer support to our distributors and customers through phone call and email support. We also supply packaged drinking water on urgent or short term notice.